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Now on with the news….Simon and Schuster has posted the first chapter to Vince Flynn’s new thriller, Kill Shot, which was released earlier this year.

Cynthia Eden’s Bound by Bound is currently available for free on Amazon. This may be a limited time offer as it’s still going for $.99 at Barnes & Noble, so I would get it while you can.

JC Daniels (aka Shiloh Walker) has posted a new snippet from her new urban fantasy novel, Blade Song, which will be released August 1st.

Lauren Dane has posted a snippet from her recently released Beneath the Skin, which is from her de la Vega Cats series. Dane has also posted a snippet from her Cherished contribution, Sway, which comes out in August.

Chloe Neill has posted a snippet from her next Chicagoland Vampires novel, Biting Cold, which hit shelves on August 7th.

Julianne Stone has posted a snippet from her next League novella, To Hell and Back, which will be released in October.

Vampire Book Club has an exclusive excerptof Donna Grant’s new novel, Dark Craving, which releases July 31st.

Dark Faerie Tales has an exclusive excerpt of Molly Harper’s The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires, which releases on July 31st.

To celebrate the release of her new novel, Tin Swift, Devon Monk has been publishing her a serial, Hang Fire, via some fabulous blogs. All 20 chapters have been posted, so if you’ve been wanting to read them in order, here’s your chance:  and you can Here’s the details: OneTwoThreeFourFiveSixSevenEightNineTenElevenTwelveThirteenFourteenFifteenSixteenSeventeenEighteenNineteen and Twenty.

SRowe-Forever in DarknessAuthor Appearances:

In her recent newsletter, Nalini Singh announced that she will be releasing a new novella collection for the Psy-Changeling series.  Wild Invitation will be released March 5, 2013 and will include Beat of Temptation (Nate & Tamsyn), Stroke of Enticement (Zach & Annie) as well as two new novellas.  Here’s what Nalini had to say about the two new stories:

The first novella will feature drum roll please…Cooper and Grace! This was a fun and intriguing novella to write, as Cooper is a Lieutenant, while Grace is one of the most submissive wolves in SnowDancer. As such, their dynamic is unlike any other.

I’m currently working on the second novella, and it’s going to be something a little different. Set in the time between Kiss of Snow and Tangle of Need, it’ll give us an intimate insight into Lara and Walker’s mating, as well as featuring the immediate aftermath of the events in Kiss of Snow.

KPrice-Third BloodThere are always more fabulous covers popping up. To see them all, head over to facebook, where I’ve added them to the July album for your viewing pleasure.

I am totally fangirl screaming right now. Diana Gabaldon announced on Facebook that she’s in the process of signing contracts with Sony Pictures development of a cable-TV series. OMG I’m so excited. I love the Outlander novels and I totally can’t wait to see them captured on film.  I know they won’t be able to translate the books perfectly, but with the success of Game of Thrones and True Blood, I’m hoping whoever does it will take the story serious and not try to change it too much. The news is also mentioned at Television Blend and io9.

The entire cast of Firefly was reunited during this year’s San Diego Comic Con and Blastr has a clip of the entire panel they were on. In addition to this, there was more Whedonverse news when it was announced that Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog will be making it’s debut on the small screen.  At some point in the future, the CW will air the musical, but when is still in question.

All Things Urban Fantasy & Dark Faerie Tales are getting ready for their second annual Deadly Destinations, which will begin on August 1st. The event features 62 authors talking about the worlds their new books take place in.  If you want a pick a quite a few novels, this is an event I would check out come August.

Parajunkee’s View has another edition of her Blogging 101 and this time she’s focusing on negative reviews and the drama train that usually follows. Seriously, I have to agree with her.  The shit needs to stop. I’m at the point where I just don’t care any more. Whether it’s an author commenting on a negative review or other bloggers bashing each other because they dared to post their own thoughts on a book, people just need to deal with it. Not everyone is going to share your opinion, so stop trying to impose it on others.

Tez Says has the deets on new publishing deals for Máire Claremont, Megan Hart, Megan Shepherd and Susanne Winnacker.

GoodReads is giving away five copies of Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel – ends August 8th.

GoodReads is giving away ten copies of Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Steals the Show – ends July 31st.

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