Heller, Lebbon & Marshall Contest Winners

contest winners

Contest WinnersBefore I get to the winners of the contests that just ended, I wanted to remind everyone about the current contests going on:

Now on to the winners….

Ellie Heller

I had the fabulous Ellie Heller on Literary Escapism discussing Puck, and sharing a snippet, from her new novel A Matter of Fate. While she was here, we gave away a copy of A Matter of Fate. In order to enter, all anyone had to do was answer: From suits to disco finery to mechanic coveralls, the Puck’s worn a lot of things. What would you have him wear and in what situation? Now, without further ado, the winner is:

ANNAH who said: Puck in steampunk gear would be awesome!!!

Congratulations Annah!

Tim Lebbon

I had the fabulous Tim Lebbon on Literary Escapism sharing the first chapter from his newly released second Toxic City novel, Reaper’s Legacy. While he was here, we gave away two copies of Reaper’s Legacy. In order to enter, all anyone had to do was answer: They do say dreams have power…what kind of dreams would you like to see come to life? Now, without further ado, the winners are:

MEL S who said: I’d like those flying dreams to be real – it always seems like so much fun in the dream! :-)

SANDYG265 who said: I’d like to see good dreams like my boyfriend and I on vacation.

Congratulations sandyg265 and Mel S!

Mia Marshall

I had the fabulous Mia Marshall on Literary Escapism discussing the five reasons why her Elements series exists the way it does. While she was here, we gave away signed copies of Broken Elements and Shifting Selves, as well as an Elements tote bag and water bottle. In order to enter, all anyone had to do was answer: Have you ever read a story that wasn’t clicking until just the right character appeared? If so, which character and which book was it in? Now, without further ado, the winner is:

KARI P who said: For me, I wasn’t quite into Across the Universe until Harley was introduced. He made right what was out of whack on the ship. And then as quickly as he became part of the story, he was whisked away. He left a very lasting impression though.

Congratulations Kari P!


Winners have 72 hours from the time they receive my email to reply before I draw a new name. Emails may or may not have been sent out at the time of this post, so if you see your name, don’t hesitate to contact me at jackie AT literaryescapism DOT com, with the contest you won in the subject line. Winners of all LE contests are determined by this snazzy plug-in and is completely random.

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