#AuthorYes & #BloggerYes: Those Who Matter to Me (Part 1)

Thank you for being a friendMany of you have probably heard all about the Kathleen Hale fiasco. I’m not linking to anything in my post, I don’t want to give her brand of cray cray any more hits; but I DO want to import a message…my personal view on the matter. What she did by stalking Blythe Harris was not, is not and will never be, OK.  We’ve all seen messes where authors simply respond to negative reviews or the like.  That is bad enough, but what Hale did falls in the realm of insanity. You’re probably also aware that many of us bloggers are on blackout for reviews at this time.  However, there is a movement in the community – #bloggeryes, #authoryes.  So, I’m taking a page from Wicked Little Pixie (and others), accepting her challenge, and joining in.

To my blogger and author friends, I support you and I thank all of you for your support and friendship. I’m going to list just a few who have had a pretty special impact in my life. This is by no means a complete list ;)

Shiloh Walker – I have no words for how thankful I am to know her and work with her.  I appreciate all her support and her friendship, probably more than she realizes.

Jeaniene Frost – She is such a great person and her Night Huntress series helped play a role in reigniting my love of reading and helped jump-start a passion and desire to be a part of the blogging and publishing community.

Allison Pang and Jocelynn Drake – 2 really great ladies and authors. I’ve always enjoyed the chats and meetings at events (signings for Jocelynn and all the fun at AAD with Allison).

Illona & Gordon Andrews – while I haven’t met them in person (yet!…Hopefully one of these days I can make a convention/signing they attend!), I took a chance several years ago and stepped into another new genre–UF–with Magic Bites. Since then, I’ve come to love UF and these two seem so down to earth and funny, if you haven’t read their work, you should. They are awesome writers and do so much for their readers (extras, fun deleted scenes, etc).

Mandi and Tori at Smexybooks. I love these gals. We always have a blast at conventions and the conversations on twitter, as well as tips and support as fellow bloggers.

Liza B – I’m so glad I’ve met her and am thankful for her friendship.

Lastly, my girls here at LE, I love you all. But a special thanks to Jackie for taking a chance on me and letting me be part of the LE team; and to Casey–who is a force to be reckoned with and such an awesome young lady. She’s the baby of our group and I have so much fun hanging out–but also getting to see her come into her own and taking the literary world by the horns and carving her own path.

I challenge everyone to list 5 bloggers and 5authors who have made a difference in their lives.

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