Reader Recommendations – Demons, Fae & Magic

Last week, I asked everyone what vampire & shapeshifter novels they would recommend.  This week, let’s take the same question, but this time, let’s focus on the Demons, Fae & Magic.

I’m still on the hunt for those great novels I’ve read and have forgotten about or haven’t stumbled across yet.  While I still believe that my list of recommendations is fairly good, I still feel like I’m missing a bunch of new authors.  So, here’s my list of those great demonic, fae and magical series I love.  What am I forgetting about?  Do I need to read a certain book, like now?  What are your automatic buys?

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  1. Dime Store Magic by Kelley Armstrong (5+)(if you don’t count the werewolf series which is just as amazing.)

    • I’m more of a fan of Elena and Clay than Paige and Lucas, but you’re right, Armstrong’s series would cover a lot of ground.

  2. Oh, and since I never got back to clarify who Harry is – Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. He definitely deserves a spot on any magic users list. And possibly Christine Feehan’s Drake Sisters and Caitlin Kittredge’s Black London series.

    A couple of Kresley Cole’s IAD protagonists are Demons, including my personal favorite – Cade. And Stacia Kane has her Morgan Chase series about demons.

    What about Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan series for fae? Most of the other fae series I like are in the YA category, and I’m not sure you’re looking for those.

  3. @DarkHeart – Oh this series of reader recommendations isn’t over yet. I have two or three more themes to ask. :)

    @Sandy – I was just thinking of the Dante series earlier. I read it when I first got into the UF genre and it was a bit much for me. I’m wondering how different it would be now.

  4. The Otherworld series by Yasmine Galenorn is full of fae awesomeness.

    I recently fell in love with the Black Jewels series by Anne Bishop.

    Lessee? What else…

    Devon Monk – Allie Beckstrom
    Margaret Ronald – Spiral Hunt
    Meljean Brooks – Guardians series
    Karen Marie Moning – Fae Fever
    J.R. Ward – Covet
    Seanan Mcguire – Rosemary & Rue
    Dianna Rowland – Mark of the Demon

    • I can’t believe I’ve forgotten the Fever series. That must be added.

      When I was making my list, I was thinking primarily urban fantasy/paranormal romance. I don’t really have one for fantasy, do I? I must change that.

  5. This one is magic;
    Angela Knight – The Mageverse

    These are demons;
    Gena Showalter – Lords of the Underworld

    This has a mixture of all three;
    Cheyenne McCray – Night Tracker Series

    This has magic, fae, demons, vampires and wereanimals;
    Christine Warren – The Others

    This one is kind of magic, I’m not quite sure it fits here, but its definitly worth reading!
    Kathryn Smith – The Nightmare Chronicles

  6. Richelle Mead’s Dark Swan series is great. And maybe this qualifies as far as magic goes, with elves and goblins mixed in, is Lisa Shearin’s Raine Benares books. I love those. And Rob Thurman’s Cal and Niko.

  7. I’m not sure if they’ve been recommended already…

    Richelle Mead’s Georgina Kincaid Series(demons galore)
    Melissa Mayhue’s Daughter’s of the Glen Series (fae-tastic)
    Maria V. Snyder’s Study Series (magicilicious)

  8. I’ve heard good things about the Kincaid series, and it’s one I have, but I haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet.

    Snyder’s series is AWESOME! It’s not posted above because I have it included on a Fantasy list that will be showing up later in this feature series, but it’s definitely one I would recommend as well.

  9. Anthony Francis-(SkinDancer 01)-Frost Moon (magic, were, vamp)

    Lucy A. Snyder-(Jessie Shimmer 01)-Spellbent (magic)

    Jes Battis-(OSI 1)-Night Child (magic)

  10. c.l.wilson has a wonderful series going on. lord of the fading lands, lady of light and shadows, king of sword and sky, queen of song and souls but the last one is not out yet grrrrr. there all about the fae and magic, and demons tring to take over the world.

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