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I may be out of the loop a little, but I really haven’t seen any mention of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s new anthology collection yet.   In Other Worlds contains all of Kenyon’s stories that were written while she was with Berkley – Dragonswan, Fire and Ice and Knightly Dreams – and I get the feeling that they are not all from the same series.  It looks like we have a little Dark-Hunter, thrown in with some League and a dash of something new?  I’m not sure where Knightly Dreams fits in.  In Other Worlds releases on July 6, 2010.

Yasmine Galenorn announced the titles for the next Camille and Delilah novels.

Oh, and so far, the title of Camille’s next book will be Courting Darkness, the title of Delilah’s 4th one: Shaded Vision. Still working on…title for Menolly’s 4th book


Shiloh Walker has posted another excerpt from her upcoming novel, No Longer Mine, which releases.

Seriously?  Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter? Considering the new trend of vamping up the classics, it’s not a total shock – until you find out it was released in 2003.  Of all the stories to put a spin on, did we really need Jesus Christ fighting vampires?

Are you looking for some vampire specific news?  Then head over to Suburban Vampire where that’s all she’s talking about in A Heaping Spoonful.

So yeah, I take one day off this week and check out what I missed.  It’s a Black Dagger Brotherhood Traveling Skit Tour involving contests for a copy of Lover Mine at all three sites.  Man do I have some reading to catch up on.  If you haven’t seen them yet, head on over to Smexybooks who started things off with a skit about Butch and Vishous; day two was brought to us by Fiction Vixen who featured Z and Bella; and day three is courtesy of Babbling About Books, who brings us Rhage and Mary.

Wicked Little Pixie is showcasing the UF/PR winners from the RT Magazine’s 2009 Awards.  Congratulations to all the winners!  Make sure you have your TBR list ready, you’ll be adding to it.

There were a lot of cover reveals this week.  I do not find them all and I don’t pretend to be.  However, there were so many this week that instead of sending you to each posting (except with BAB and ATUF), I’m linking you to their websites.  Check out Babbling About Books, All Things Urban Fantasy, Dark Faerie Tales and SciFiGuy for some fabulous new covers.  For a list of all the covers revealed in April, I have them all posted in an album here.

Patricia’s Vampire Notes has a great list of new vampire releases for April.

Social Networking.  Authors do it.  Bloggers do it.  Joe Smith does it.  However, it can mean two entirely different things depending on who’s doing it.  A 14-year old blogger probably has no problem telling her friends about her latest acquisition.  However, when you’re an author, blogger or any other flavor of professional, there are just some things you shouldn’t do.  Thankfully Shiloh Walker (re Authors) and Wicked Little Pixie (re Bloggers) both have excellent articles on this topic.  Seriously, all bloggers need to read these articles, just in case.  They have definitely made me think about the content I’ve posted in the past.

If you’re a Twilight fan, make sure you head over to io9 – they have a new trailer for Eclipse.  I’m still trying to figure out a way to post it.

All Things Urban Fantasy and Dirty Sexy Books are talking about books that blur the lines between Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.  They are discussing some fabulous books, so make sure you check them out.

Yes I promote!
Why yes, I do try and promote Literary Escapism and will be doing so at RT next week (I have two bags with LE splashed on them and buttons to hand out if you see me).  So I have to totally agree with Book Chick City about her recent discussion on bloggers promoting themselves.  I mean, it shouldn’t take a genius to know that if you’re going to put work into your site, than you should be promoting the hell out of it.  For instance, do you really think I write all of these news posts for myself?  *grin*  Yes, I want to know about everything I find, and I do go looking for it, but I don’t have to write it down – it takes me a good 2 to 3 hours to do.  So why would I unless I know there is someone else out there who, via some form of promotion, knows its coming and is waiting to read what I find?

I mean, does anyone seriously find it odd that a book review blogger promotes themselves?  If you do, think of it this way…I’m not just promoting myself, but every author that stops by or has books that are reviewed. Yesterday, Tricia reviewed a novel I had never heard of – Blood and Chocolate by AC Klause.  It’s new to me and the review intrigued me enough that I’m curious to read the story.  Klause just got a potential reader and that was before it was even posted.  Now that it has been, Blood and Chocolate has been introduced to a few more people who may not have heard about it.  That has given the author a new venue to be seen in and possible sales, which means Klause can continue writing.  That’s win-win for both of us.  So yes, I do promote myself because it’s not just me I’m promoting.  I’m helping to promote every single author who is mentioned on this site and why shouldn’t I tell the world I’m doing this?  /endrant

Ellz Readz is giving away the first two books in Alyxandra Harvey’s The Drake Chronicles – Hearts At Stake and Blood Feud.  Contest ends May 7th.

Wicked Little Pixie is giving away a copy of the essay collection Ardeur: 14 Writers on the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series. Contest ends April 23rd.

Wicked Little Pixie is giving away four copies of JR Ward’s Lover Mine. Contest ends May 8th.

All Things Urban Fantasy has another collection of fabulous contests going on in the blogosphere this week.

Enchanted by Books is giving away a gift card, just for telling her what you’ve read.  Contest ends April 25th.

Blood and Chocolate
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