Help Name the Newest Monkey!

Yup, you saw that right.  I was semi-joking around about this on Facebook a week or so ago, but people seemed to like the idea, so let’s do it.  It’s a Name the Baby Contest and Pool.

Want to help name the newest monkey to join the LE household? Jesse and I have been scrambling around trying to think up a good one and we can’t agree on anything! The first time around, we had Ian’s named picked out by the time I was 6 months along. This time, we don’t even have a short list and we’ve reached the 6 month mark.

Here’s the most important part of the contest – the prize.  Up for grabs is two $15 gift certificates to any bookstore – winners choice as long as I can order it online.  Be it Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters, wherever. That means it is definitely open to international entrants.

Now the details.  This will be a two-pronged contest and will have two separate end dates.

  1. Name the Baby: All you have to do is suggest a name. That’s it.  There are some guidelines, which will follow shortly, but you can suggest as many as you want (one name per entry).  Whoever picks the name Jesse and I end up going with, they’ll win one of the gift certificates.  If more than one person suggests the same name, we’ll use the Research Randomizer to determine the winner.  This side of the contest will stay open until a name is announced. If we end up picking a name that wasn’t recommended, we’ll randomly chose a winner from all entrants.
  2. The Pool:Its the classic baby pool – guess the weight and date of birth.  That’s it.  Initially, this wasn’t in my plans, but the comment was left that if I’m going to do a name the baby contest, I might as well do a pool as well.  Hence the reason there is two gift certificates instead of one.  That’s right, the second gift card will go to the winner of the pool.  This side of the contest will stay open until the monkey pops out, obviously since we won’t know the stats until then.  Here are some stats we do know.
    • That’s obviously me with the bump.  The picture was taken on April 10th, so it’s still fairly new.
    • My due date is August 26th, but Ian showed up 2 weeks early.
    • Ian’s weight at birth – 7lbs and 15oz

The main thing to keep in mind is that we are having a boy.  We do know this for a fact (I have photographic proof thanks to the wonderful radiology tech), so we won’t be picking a girls name.

I mentioned there were a few guidelines for names.  If wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t tell you what we’ve already determined, right?

  1. The name has to be pronounceable.  If the kid is old enough to talk, the name shouldn’t be too hard for him to say.  At the same time, I have an issue with words that include a lot of “s” sounds – if I can’t say it correctly the first time, the man won’t approve it.
  2. Certain names are already out: Ian (obviously); anything starting with a “J” (there are already six of us with “J” names); any name that is currently in the Top 50 of any baby list for the past two years; Nathan (there are three in my circle of moms already).
  3. Jesse prefers common names – i.e. William, Robert, Samuel; I like uncommon, but not rare, names – i.e. Ian, Connor, Evan (all of which are not eligible).
  4. Keep the weird away.  This means no weird spellings or names.  The name has to be easily spelled (Jesse loathes it when people spell his name wrong).  Common misspellings are fine – i.e. Kathryn/Katherine – but any Wardisms are out.  I have no problem giving the kid a unique name, but it can’t be a WTF name – i.e. Heaven, Apple, Rumor.
  5. Jesse says it has to be a name, not a noun.
  6. I like the name Ash(e) or Asher for a middle name and Jesse hasn’t completely veto’d it.  So if you can suggest a name that works with either of those, you could have a good chance.  Like I said he hasn’t said one way or the other, so don’t go off that alone.

That’s pretty much it.  Can you see why Jesse and I have an issue with names?  Girls names, we’re pretty good with, but we can’t agree on a boys name.  Jesse isn’t totally against the uncommon names, but he doesn’t want it to be unrecognizable either.  I would have loved to name the monkey Zarek, but Jesse has veto’d that one.  Also, number six mentions middle names – you do not have to suggest a middle name, you can if you want, but its not necessary.

That’s probably a lot of information. I’m trying to give everyone a fair chance, so hopefully I did. Now, in order to enter the contest, all you have to do is fill out the form below. Remember, one name suggestion per entry, but you can enter as many times as you want.

Update as of 4/26: you guys are awesome with all of your suggestions. Although, don’t put Ash or Asher if you’re suggesting a first name that will fit with that. Trust me, I’ll be doing that. However, the more Jesse sees it, the less chance I’ll get to use it. *grin*

Also, list of names that have been veto’d for anyone who wants another chance:

  • Caleb, Nathan, Logan, Brody, Ben, Evan, Keith, Kevin, Jordan, Connor, Cameron, Ethan, Mason, Alex, – all names currently used in my Mom’s Group.
  • Tegan – one of the girls in our group.
  • Eli – my sister is pregnant as well and she’s already claimed that one.
  • Bradley and Timothy – they count as common for me.  *grin*

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