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LE Hosts the Ronden Marr Campaign at #RUDC15!

5 October 2015 Jesse 0

One of the games during this year’s Reading Until Dawn is a Dungeons & Dragons session(s), hosted by Literary Escapism and set in my Ronden Marr Campaign Setting. Two hundred years ago, the surface world was burned away in an event known as The Calamity. Several races found refuge in the dwarven […]

Player’s Handbook (Dungeons & Dragons) [5th Edition]

6 February 2015 Jesse 0

At this point there are probably hundreds of reviews of the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook. Since every OSR zealot and grognard has already posted their thoughts on their blogs, it’s doubtful I could say anything unique.  My goal isn’t to provide yet another boring review; my goal is […]

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Why You Should Care About SOPA

23 December 2011 Jesse 9

(Disclaimer: These views reflect the author and are not necessarily those of Literary Escapism.) The Stop Online Piracy Act (also known as SOPA) has been in the news a lot lately; the tech world is near rioting over the bill, with people from Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame to Tim […]

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Editorial: I Hate Dust Jackets

23 November 2011 Jesse 9

There’s a taboo in the book world, a deep, dark secret that few discuss openly. Its something only mentioned in passing; a situation that no one  has dared to solve. It has often left me sleepless at night, wondering how to deal with the problem. Why the hell do publishers […]

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Amazon, Fire Me!

28 September 2011 Jesse 1

(Note: Jackie does not know I’m posting this. -Jesse.) Right now Jackie is sleeping and recovering from a rough night with the kids, so I’m going to take complete advantage of the situation and do what she doesn’t have the guts to do – beg. Dear Amazon, I’m sure someone […]

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Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again by Frank Miller

21 September 2011 Jesse 0

I’m not really sure where to being with The Dark Knight Strikes Again by Frank Miller. It started out very promising, with a 2 page “article” from Vicki Vale about Bruce Wayne’s funeral and Jim Gordon’s breakdown – it set an exciting tone that captured my attention, but quickly fell […]

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Superman: Earth One

6 September 2011 Jesse 0

Continuity has been a sore spot in the comic world where parallel universes, what-ifs, and plain sloppy writing can destroy a character’s back story. Attempts have been made in the past to simplify the DC universe (Crisis on Infinite Earths, for example), but that only serves to muddy the water. […]

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Batman: Hush by J. Loeb

23 August 2011 Jesse 0

Batman means a lot of things to a lot of people; the dark night, the caped crusader – but perhaps one of the most central title is “The World’s Greatest Detective.”  Remember, Batman has no superpowers – just a lot of toys and a razor-sharp mind. A great Batman story […]

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V for Vendetta by A. Moore

22 July 2011 Jesse 0

In the Comic/Graphic Novel world, there are a few titles that are held up in high regard as being models for the genre- Akira, 300, Watchmen, The Crow, and so on. V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd is one of those books. For years I’d heard references […]