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In Shadows

21 August 2008 Jackie 0

Sorry guys…Ian and I went to the zoo today (and had a blast), so I didn’t check my sites until tonight. Anyway, here we go…

The internet never ceases to amaze me. We have a new paranormal novel (slated for young adult) by a fresh new author, and when I say fresh, I do mean fresh since she’s only 18 and wrote the novel in her study hall at school. Serpent’s Blood, by Rebecca Lazeration, is the story of Vallerie Smith, a young girl whose troubled life is eased thanks to the presence of a vampire shadow that follows her.

There’s another interview over at Fangs, Fur, & Fey and this time they are talking with Kathryn Smith, author of the Nightmare Chronicles series and the Brotherhood of the Blood series.

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Artists Spotlight: Delyth Santos McGrath & More

28 July 2008 Jackie 2

Amber has been showing me all these new artists so I thought I would spotlight some of the ones that I already like as well as add them to the side panel. I’m always looking for new artists, especially ones I might be able to find at Allposters so I can decorate my new office, so if you have anyone you want to recommend, let me know. I’ve been a fan of these artists for awhile now and they haven’t disappointed me yet.

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A Werewolf and his computer…

28 July 2008 Jackie 2

There are always questions as to what Urban Fantasy is. I don’t think anyone has actually come up with a universal recognized definition, but I think Terry Spear has a definition that I can totally see.

To me, it is mythical, fantastical creatures living in our contemporary times…Think of the hero, werewolf extraordinaire, working on his computer. It’s urban fantasy.

That’s it, don’t you think? Afterall, don’t we look for something to shock, surprise us in our everyday lives and what else could do it like a good werewolf or vampire? Terry really goes into more detail and if this topic interests you, then you really need to get over there and read her arguments.

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Random Chattering

27 July 2008 Jackie 1

I have to hand it to Amber, I tend to find some really great items over at her site. This time around, artist Rachel Anderson. It’s a bit feminine, but completely fantastical and I like her work. If I had a little girl at home, I think I would know where to look for room decorations. However, I have a boy and now I’m floundering.

Amber also happens to have an interview and contest with Ms. Jenna Black. Her new novel, The Devil You Know, is out Tuesday (yea!) and you have a chance to win it with Amber (or the first novel if you have been under a rock and haven’t checked out The Devil Inside).

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Harris O’Malley & the YA genre

7 July 2008 Jackie 0

Browsing through the interweb and I found an article on Harris O’Malley. This picture was showcased and it just captured me. Maybe it’s the Demon Summoning for Dummies that the chick is holding, but I like it. I also think it shows a trend in the paranormal world right now […]

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The Art of Chatting

23 June 2008 Jackie 3

I was pointed toward a couple of artist sites that I’m enjoying. Dan Dos Santos and Christian McGrath are two artists that most of us would probably recognize, but maybe not know. Dos Santos does the covers for Patricia Briggs and McGrath does the covers for Rob Thurman, Jim Butcher, Kat Richardson, and Vicki Pettersson. The reason I was first told about Dos Santos was because the new cover for Patricia Brigg’s novel Bone Crossed was posted up at his site. There isn’t any text on it, but that just makes it better, right?

In other news, Jacquelyn Frank is hosting an all day chat fest with a bunch of different authors. Each of the following authors are going to be showing up on Saturday, June 28th and they will be giving away a copy of their latest novels while they are on the air.