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I’ve already asked about which vampire & shapeshifter, demons, fae & magic and young adult paranormal novels everyone would recommend.  This week, let’s take the same question, but this time, let’s focus on science fiction romance.

There are some science fiction novels I just can’t do.  The technology is either way over my head or simply too convoluted to even attempt to understand.  However, I’ve come across two great romance series and would love to find more.  I’m not kidding when I say that my list of recommendations for sci-fi romance is tiny, take a look:

Great novels, but they can’t be the only ones, right?  So I’m still on the hunt for those great novels I’ve read and have forgotten about or haven’t stumbled across yet.  What am I forgetting about?  Do I need to read a certain book, like now?  What are your automatic buys?

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  1. I recommend anything Linnea Sinclair. Most of her books are standalone although she has one series (The Dock Five series which is GABRIEL’S GHOST, SHADES OF DARK – those two need to be read in order, and HOPE’S FOLLY and REBELS AND LOVERS – can be read standalone but belong in the same world).

    My favorites of her books are GAMES OF COMMAND and FINDERS KEEPERS (but I think AN ACCIDENTAL GODDESS is also a common fave).

    You may be interested in futuristics which are SFR set in our world in the future. I’d recommend DRIVEN by Eve Kenin. Loveedd it!

  2. I highly recommend Born of Night, Born of Fire and Born of Ice- The League series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Funny, action packed, sexy- what more could you ask for! I also enjoyed The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

  3. An absolute must-read is the Liaden series by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, start with _Conflict of Honors_ or _Agent of Change_ (Val Con’s and Miri’s story starts in this one). One of my all-time favorites.

    Angela Knight has a futuristic erotic romance series: _Jane’s Warlord_, _Warrior_ and _Guardian_ (Time Hunters).

    Robin Owens’ HeartMate series is set on a colonialized planet, but hasn’t a really strong “skiffy” feel. Still, they are wonderful romances; _HeartMate_ is the first in the series.

    I’ve also enjoyed Susan Grant’s _Contact_ and Patti O’Shea’s _Ravyn’s Flight_.

    And there’s the _2176_ series by Susan Grant and other authors (_The Legend of Banzai Macguire_ etc).

  4. The Hidden Worlds trilogy by Kristin Landon. Fast paced, intricate, believable plot plus two major characters who sacrifice much for the sake of humanity.

    The Hidden Worlds
    Ace (June 26, 2007)

    The Cold Minds
    Ace (June 24, 2008)

    The Dark Reaches
    Ace (June 30, 2009)

  5. One of the first scifi romances I ever read was Anne McCaffrey’s “Restoree”, a really good read that’s still in my library collection.

    Other authors for scifi romance:
    – Linnea Sinclair – all of them
    – Connie Willis/Cynthia Felice “Water Witch” – blend of scifi/fantasy
    – Jayne Ann Krentz “Sweet Starfire”

    I’m sure that there are more, but I’m at work and do not have access to my collection.

  6. I like Susan Kearney’s Rystani series and I’d like to second Patti O’Shea’s sci-fi books.

    SL Viehl’s Stardoc series is just amazing, although it’s not really a romance. (there is a romance subplot)

    In the e-book world I enjoyed Planet X by Evangeline Anderson and Planet Mail by Kate Pearce.

    And finally, I have a new sci-fi series. The first book is called House of the Cat.

  7. I loved Grimspace (the 3 that followed so far) and I recently found an older series that I really enjoyed: Trade Pact Universe by Julie Czerneda

  8. Have you read the Ruin series, by Isobel, Noble? RUIN is Sci-Fi Romance Series is a collage of adventure, futuristic fiction, fascinating and unforgettable characters – heroes, heroines, villains, and ordinary people portrayed so vividly that they spring to life, grow and blossom with every turn of the page. There are scenes of scorching and beautiful eroticism that will inflame your imagination, and have you eager to read the next book in this Sci Fi Romance Series.

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