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When I first started Literary Escapism, I wrote up a list of recommendations based on what I had read up to that point.  Two years and over 200 books later, I think it’s time I updated my list a little, don’t you think?

The one thing that hasn’t changed, whatever your tastes, I could probably give you a good recommendation or at least lead you to a new author that might tickle your fancy. For instance, if you’re into the whole erotica paranormal genre, then you should probably check out Cheyenne McCray’s Magic series (Forbidden Magic).  If you want just straight erotica, then definitely check out Lauren Dane (Laid Bare would be a great place to start). For the historical fiction people, Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series (Outlander) is completely breathtaking (I actually can’t wait to get my hands on these books so I go straight for the hardcovers).

I used to read a lot of romance, so I could tell you to pick up a Nora Roberts, she’s good for a contemporary romance, but if you want a really good historical romance, then I would check our either Amanda Quick (Lake & March series – Slightly Shady) or Jane Feather (MatchmakingThe Bachelor List or KissWidow’s Kiss). They both tend to lean away from the whole simpering female, yet strong character roles and have more of an independent woman in the lead. If you’re looking for something quick and funny, then the Stephanie Plum series (One for the Dough) by Janet Evanovich is a good bet.

When it comes to fantasy, I’m still a novice in the area.  I broke my teeth on RA Salvatore and Margaret Weis/Tracy Hickman, but over the last couple of years, I’ve found a few solid reads that I would definitely recommend:

However, when it comes to urban fantasy or just straight paranormal, I have a huge list of authors that I’ve come to love. They don’t all gravitate around the same idea of what vampires, witches, fae, shapeshifters, etc. should be like, so each story has their own unique qualities.  The one thing all of these titles have in common are they belong to a series.  Some of them have quite a few books, while some end after a certain number.  So this won’t be a long list, I’m only going to include the title to the first novel in each series, but I’ll show how many books there are. If there’s a plus sign after the number, that means there are more books planned or being released soon.

Vampires & Shapeshifters:

Demons, Fae & Magic

I’m not a huge fan of the Young Adult genre and I wouldn’t even begin to think I know all there is about this subgenre.  However, there are a few stories that I’ve come to enjoy, so these are the ones I would typically recommend to someone looking for a paranormal YA novel.

I’m still getting into the science fiction romance genre, but I’ve come across a few that are really good and would definitely recommend:

So these are my recommendations. I’ll be honest, I’ve actually come across a lot that I like, but if they didn’t make me rush out to get the next novel, then they are not ones that immediately come to mind when I start recommending books. So with that in mind, please understand that this is not a comprehensive list of urban fantasyparanormal musts, because I’m not that big of an expert nor do I have that large of an ego. As I read more and more new authors, I’m sure this list will continue to grow (it already has since my list of two years ago) and more will get added.  I’m always on the hunt for new authors to try and I recently asked all of my readers which novels they would recommend.  So, if you don’t see something you like here, then check out the comments on these recent Reader Recommendations posts:

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  1. Great idea. Coming up with a comprehensive list of recommendations always scares me, because I know I’m going to forget something important.

    • That’s actually why I do have it, so I don’t forget something important. *grin* The meat of the post was written when I started LE, I just had to update it a little.

  2. You should try Joleene Naylor “Shades of Gray” great vampire story with a smoldering lead Jorick.

    and Linda Welch “Along Came a Demon” this is a demon (or at least you think at first) book. Royal is the hero and once again, smoldering .

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