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Industrial Magic & Haunted by K. Armstrong

29 May 2006 Jackie 2

In Dime Store Magic, Paige Winterbourne was introduced to her new love interest, Lucas Cortez. As the youngest song of a Cabal CEO (think Bill Gates with no morals/ethics/charities), Lucas wants to get away from the family business. In book four of Kelley Armstrong’s “Women of the Otherworld” series, Industrial […]

Stephanie Plum series by J. Evanovich

24 May 2006 Jackie 1

Okay, so I was going to do this series the same way I did the series by Laurell K. Hamilton, but I flew through them too fast. ;) Plus, it’s easier to do the whole series because while each one has it’s own plot, there are some points that transcend […]

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Dime Store Magic by K. Armstrong

24 May 2006 Jackie 2

Book three in Kelley Armstrong’s “Women of the Otherworld Series, Dime Store Magic continues the tale of Paige Winterbourne and her new charge, Savannah. After gaining the custody of a 13 year-old, Paige must now fight to keep her. It seems that the half-demon, Leah, still wants her. When Leah […]

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Narcissus in Chains, Cerulean Sins and Incubus Dreams by L.K. Hamilton

16 May 2006 Jackie 0

Narcissus in Chains, Cerulean Sins and Incubus Dreams share one common thread….sex. While sex has always been a prevailing theme throughout the series (who is Anita sleeping with now?), it becomes a part of the plot device when Jean-Claude’s incubus origins are transferred to Anita through their marks.

While I could go into the plot, and give a summary of what the bad guys want and what the action entails, I won’t because the plot only touches on the underlying theme of sex that Hamilton begins to include in her books. Plus, you should read it. If I give you the main plot devices and tell you what goes on, where will you get the motivation to read it?

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Blue Moon & Obsidian Butterfly by LK Hamilton

12 May 2006 Jackie 0

Blue Moon and Obsidian Butterfly has one thing in common – self discovery and individual discovery. Well, I guess that’s two things, but it’s the same idea. In Blue Moon, Anita is called in to Tennessee to help bail Richard out of some problems he has encountered. While in Tennessee, […]

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Burnt Offerings by LK Hamilton

11 May 2006 Jackie 0

I like to think of Burnt Offerings as the turning point in the Anita Blake series due to the introduction of the vampire Asher and the wereleopards, most especially Nathaniel. We’ve been slowly introduced to Asher in a couple of the previous novels and now we get to meet the […]

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the Killing Dance by LK Hamilton

10 May 2006 Jackie 0

The Killing Dance gives us the climax of the relationship between Anita, Richard, and Jean-Claude and it ends pretty much like we’ve been lead to believe. But of course, you’ve already figured that out if you’ve been reading the books. The struggle between Richard and his rival, Marcus, for the […]

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Bloody Bones by LK Hamilton

9 May 2006 Jackie 0

The fifth novel in Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series is Bloody Bones. In it, Anita finds herself going to Branson Missouri to raise a mass grave. While she is there, she is called in to give her opinion on a vampire kill. After giving her opinion, she is kicked […]

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the Lunatic Cafe by LK Hamilton

9 May 2006 Jackie 0

In the first three books of this series, Laurell K. Hamilton introduces us to her society. In Guilty Pleasures, we’re introduced to Anita and the vampires she has always hated. In The Laughing Corpse, we are shown the darker side of Anita’s power as well as glimpse of the real […]

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Circus of the Damned by LK Hamilton

8 May 2006 Jackie 0

Come one, come all, to the Circus Of The Damned. In Laurell K. Hamilton’s third novel, Anita Blake’s struggle with the Master of the City, Jean-Claude, comes to a frightening conclusion. Anita helped Jean-Claude become the Master of the City when she destroyed Nikolaos in Guilty Pleasures, now Jean-Claude must […]