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Amazon, Fire Me!

28 September 2011 Jesse 1

(Note: Jackie does not know I’m posting this. -Jesse.) Right now Jackie is sleeping and recovering from a rough night with the kids, so I’m going to take complete advantage of the situation and do what she doesn’t have the guts to do – beg. Dear Amazon, I’m sure someone […]

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Steampunk Style

23 March 2009 Jackie 1

I don’t normally put these out there, but I’ve been hearing so much about steampunk lately that I just couldn’t resist this quiz about steampunk fashion. Your result for The Steampunk Style Test… The Aristocrat 61% Elegant, 31% Technological, 37% Historical, 32% Adventurous and 37% Playful! You are the Aristocrat, […]

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A Book Reviewers Linkup Meme

11 December 2008 Jackie 42

Grasping for Wind has started a fun way of finding new blogs.  For more info, check out Grasping for Wind, but here’s the overall idea… Take this list, add it to your blog, and add a link to your blog on it. So I’m passing the information along.  I’m always […]

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The Bookshelf Meme

6 December 2008 Jackie 4

Eva, over at A Striped Armchair, came up with this meme which was inspired in part by Dewey’s review of The Book that Changed My Live, in part by Verbivore’s clever twist on the seven random things meme, and in part by the fun she had the last time she […]

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Pg 56 Line 5

27 November 2008 Jackie 0

I got tagged by Today I Read for one of those fun memes involving that pesky book that is silently glaring at you to pick it back up.  I love these kind of memes, the one where you randomly look at a page and see what is going on. Generally, […]

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7 Random Things About Me

4 November 2008 Jackie 4

Samantha tagged me for this meme and I’m going for it since it’s easy enough. I’m a certifiable bookworm.  Well, I guess you probably know that already if you’ve been a reader for awhile, but I tend to read A LOT.  Even when I was in school.  I remember getting […]

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What would you grab?

31 August 2008 Jackie 2

So I had a weird dream last night. I was in the middle of a hurricane and I was running to get underground and I could take one bag with me and I wanted to include a couple of books with me. Don’t ask me why I was going underground […]

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Vampire Names

29 August 2008 Jackie 3

Ever wondered what your vampire name would be? Now you can find out. There’s a simple generator that will give you what you would be immortally known as. Here’s my name: The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity: Empress of Scandinavia Known in some parts of […]

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Bookworm Carnival

25 August 2008 Jackie 3

Dewey over at the Hidden Side of a Leaf started up a bookworm carnival and guess who is participating in it. Here’s the idea behind it: The aim of the Bookworms Carnival is to build the community of book bloggers. You don’t have to have a book blog to participate, […]