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Toddler Picks!

23 January 2009 Jackie 2

I’ve come across a couple of books that Ian just love and I had to share them. The first one is Fisher Price’s Little People Let’s Go to the Zoo!.  It’s a great board book that doesn’t have a lot of reading content, but it has a ton of things […]

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One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss

2 December 2008 Jackie 0

I’ve finally read another Dr. Seuss book that just completely took me by surprised. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish is filled with more tongue twisters. I never knew that, but whereas Fox in Socks takes on a level of difficulty that even got me tripping up, I […]

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Lady Flatterley by L. Wagner

18 November 2008 Jackie 2

It’s not often that I’ll misjudge a cover, but I actually did that this time with Lady Flatterley by Linda Wagner. When I first saw it, I thought it would be a little too girly for Ian, so I was hesitate to review it; but I’m glad that I did […]

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The Tutu Ballet by S. Lee

18 November 2008 Jackie 0

I’m not sure what I think about The Tutu Ballet by Sally Lee. On the one hand, it’s a cute little book about a ballet class involving animals and I can see how a lot of kids will like that. It did actually keep Ian’s attention a lot longer than […]

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My First Board Books

29 October 2008 Jackie 0

I was browsing through Borders Books today and came across two books that I’m really liking.  They are My First Word Board Book and My First Colors Board Book. I know they are not paranormal, but they grabbed my toddlers attention so they are definitely worth mentioning in my opinion. […]

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Varjak Paw by SF Said

20 October 2008 Jesse 1

Every night, I try to read to Ian for a few minutes before he goes to bed.  It’s hard finding a book that I find interesting, yet will keep his attention. One thing I’ve found is the language has to be simple enough that I won’t stumble on it while […]

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Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss

20 October 2008 Jackie 0

I had forgotten how much fun tongue twisters are until I picked up Ian’s copy of Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss. Knox on fox in socks in box. Socks on Knox and Knox in box. Fox in socks on box on Knox. For a book filled with tongue twisters, […]

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The Dragonfly Secret by C & J Adams

7 October 2008 Jackie 1

For those of you who have been reading LE for awhile, you know I have a toddler at home and when an opportunity comes along to review a children’s book, I take it. With that said, I was given the chance to read The Dragonfly Secret by Clea Adams and […]

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Ian Recommends…

20 August 2008 Jackie 3

Back in March, I posted an article on Ian’s favorite books. It’s been a few months and while he still really enjoys those novels, he has added a few to the list. Right now, Ian is not at the stage where he’ll read on his own, however, he’s all about […]

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Ian’s Current Favorites

10 March 2008 Jackie 6

Yes, I read a lot and I’m trying to get my 12 month old son to read as well. At the moment, he has a couple of favorites and I have to say that they are awesome. Here’s a review on some really good boardbooks for toddlers. Goodnight Baby by […]